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At Evolution-Labs.io, we're more than just consultants; we're your strategic partners in the relentless pursuit of innovation and growth. Founded by Konrad Pawlus, former CTO of SALESmanago, and staffed by a dynamic team of startup veterans, we bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge and technical prowess to the table. Our mission? To help tech startups not just navigate the complexities of their journey but to thrive, scaling new heights with confidence and agility. 


We are demystifying technology for businesses, aligning it seamlessly with their commercial ambitions. Our track record speaks volumes: we've expertly guided SaaS products from inception to achieving a staggering $17 million in Annual Recurring Revenue on a global scale. Our expertise extends to scaling IT teams from a solo pioneer to a robust force of 100 professionals, coupled with a history of successfully navigating numerous technology due diligence processes.

From meticulous technology audits to architecture refinement, from enriching user experiences to crafting scalable solutions, we're here to guide your path every step of the way. Our holistic approach extends beyond tech, offering a helping hand through the intricacies of legal landscapes, ensuring you're fortified on all fronts.

Decorating a Rustic Home

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Decorating a Rustic Home

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Decorating a Rustic Home

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At Evolution-labs.io, we specialize in transforming SaaS companies through our innovative SaaS Evolution Matrix. With over 20 years of experience in building software products, our unique methodology provides a comprehensive, data-driven analysis of your Product, Marketing, and Sales strategies. By identifying strengths and weaknesses with precision, we foster seamless cooperation between these essential departments. Our approach ensures that every decision is backed by robust insights, driving sustainable growth and long-term success.

With the SaaS Evolution Matrix, you'll gain a thorough understanding of your business's key areas, leading to enhanced strategic alignment and customized action plans. Our holistic framework empowers your teams to work together effectively, leveraging their collective strengths to achieve outstanding results. Trust Evolution-labs.io to guide you on your journey to unparalleled success in the competitive SaaS landscape.

Our services


SaaS Strategy Services

Our comprehensive SaaS strategy services are designed to elevate your business through in-depth evaluations of your product, roadmap, and sales and marketing alignment. We identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement by assessing current features, user experience, and technical architecture. Our strategic planning ensures product development aligns with market demands, setting clear milestones for progress.

We refine customer segmentation and targeting strategies to focus on high-value segments, optimize the sales funnel, and enhance marketing efforts to increase visibility and lead generation. Implementing robust KPI monitoring and data analysis, we help you make informed decisions and continuously improve. Achieve sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in the SaaS market with our expert consulting and strategic advisory services.


Product & architecture review

We specialize in ensuring that both your product and its underlying architecture not only align with your current business objectives but also adapt seamlessly as your company expands and evolves, guaranteeing long-term success and sustainability for your business.


SDLC processes optimization

Leveraging our extensive experience, we are adept at scrutinizing and revitalizing existing processes, introducing innovative methodologies, and optimizing the Software Delivery Lifecycle at your organization for peak efficiency and effectiveness.


Building elite IT teams that deliver

Combining Evolution-labs’ deep tech expertise with Positive Recruitment’s recruitment prowess, our partnership offers a tailored approach to assembling standout IT teams. With a focus on advanced technology sectors and challenging roles across the globe, we leverage our specialized knowledge in IT and strategic recruitment practices to ensure your startup secures the top talent needed to thrive. Experience the synergy that transforms potential into performance.


Technology due diligence

Our experienced team is prepared to conduct meticulous technology due diligence or assist you in preparing for an upcoming evaluation, effectively safeguarding you from any undue stress and ensuring a smooth, confident process.


UX optimization

We provide specialized UX optimization services designed to significantly enhance user engagement, streamline interface efficiency, and substantially elevate the overall user experience of your digital products, ensuring a more intuitive and satisfying interaction.


VC strategy and legal consulting

Evolution-labs.io, in partnership with CK Legal, provides comprehensive VC and M&A strategy and legal consulting services tailored for venture capital funding and mergers and acquisitions. This collaboration ensures clients benefit from strategic insights for raising capital effectively while navigating the complex legal landscape associated with VC investments.

"On behalf of the 3TS team, I would like to thank evolution-labs.io for the technical due diligence conducted for Fund IV on three projects in the last few months. Thanks to your deep understanding of risks related to scaling B2B platforms at an early growth stage, we have timely received well-structured for our requirements and insightful reports." Zbigniew Łapiński - Senior Partner, 3TS

"As CEO of ExMetrix, I'm truly impressed with the services provided by Evolution-labs.io. Their expertise in architecture and scalability has significantly enhanced our platform's performance. Additionally, their strategic insights into sales and VC engagement have been invaluable. They've played a crucial role in shaping our approach and driving our business forward. I highly recommend their team for their professionalism and deep industry knowledge." Zbigniew Łukoś - CEO, ExMetrix

"I recommend Evolution-labs.io as a partner to conduct technology audits for companies, especially start-ups. Their professionalism and ability to identify key hotspots in the context of application development are extremely valuable for further business. After an audit of our company, we received a report that was not only comprehensive but also very clear and understandable. The CEO of Evolution-labs.io is not only able to focus on the most important aspects but also convey the information in a clear and interesting way." Ina Dźwierzyńska - CEO, Medtransfer

"Initially, TaxAx.us focused on homeowners with a once-a-year service model. Evolution-labs.io played a pivotal role in redefining our approach, steering us towards a B2B model that will stabilize and increase our monthly income—building relational relationships vs. transactional once-a-year sales. A core concept was focusing on ongoing relationships with business clients, a shift from our previous one-time B2C interactions.
Evolution-labs.io' expertise in relational customer dynamics was invaluable in fostering this plan.
The SaaS model designed by Evolution-labs.io will allow us to predict and stabilize income through monthly subscriptions, providing financial stability and enabling more effective scaling. The recurring revenue mitigated the unpredictability we faced in the B2C model.
Evolution-labs.io demonstrated profound expertise in SaaS products, scaling IT teams, and technology due diligence. Their ability to align technology with business strategy has made them an ideal partner throughout this ongoing process."
Ted McLean - CEO, TaxAx LLC


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