is a sophisticated platform designed for seamless and consistent visualization of data from diverse sources. It offers a configurable and extendable interface tailored to simplify complex data representation. This platform embodies the evolutionary shift observed in the email/HTML editors space, transitioning from overly technical solutions to modern, audience-centric approaches. By prioritizing user experience, revolutionizes data visualization, making it accessible and relevant to its intended audience.

Scope: Architecture consulting, scalability and cloud deployment, UX, VC strategy.


2024-04-11_20-15-21ExMetrix is an AI-driven data science platform designed to enhance business decision-making processes. It focuses on optimizing production, forecasting, and trend predictions through a combination of big data and AI technologies. The platform enables users to connect internal business data with extensive industry and economic databases, build AI models rapidly, and analyze data interdependencies. It offers tools for forecasting economic, market, and demographic phenomena, utilizing advanced algorithms and neural networks to improve efficiency and reduce costs in production and manufacturing industries. 

Scope: Architecture, scalability, Sales & VC strategy. is an advanced platform designed with cutting-edge AI technology and powerful workflow processing capabilities, expertly engineered to streamline and automate the completion of web forms. This versatile tool simplifies a range of complex tasks, from crafting tailored offers to conducting thorough research on potential leads. With its emphasis on scalability and an extensive array of personalization options, is adept at executing manual tasks efficiently, ensuring a high level of customization and precision in every interaction. See:

Scope: Architecture consulting, scalability and cloud deployment, UX.


taxaxTaxAx is revolutionizing property tax management in the U.S., providing a unique platform that empowers realtors to help homeowners lower their annual property taxes. This innovative service requires minimal effort from realtors as TaxAx’s algorithm does the heavy lifting, allowing homeowners to easily input their own data. It enhances the realtor's value, keeping them top-of-mind year after year by offering this service at no cost to homeowners. By integrating TaxAx, realtors deliver significant savings and value, strengthening client relationships and loyalty. See:

Scope: Strategy, architecture consulting, scalability and cloud deployment.


Numerous Technical Due Diligence & consulting of SaaS startups operating in various sectors.

Scope: AI, Product, Roadmap, Architecture & scalability, Code, SDLC processes, Team and skills, Security

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