Konrad Pawlus

IT manager, CTO, always passionate about software craftsmanship. Successfully delivered SaaS products from scratch to $17 mln ARR global solutions. Scaled IT team from 1 up to 75 people. Still know how to code 😉

11 years of experience building SALESmanago – 3rd largest European Marketing Automation Platform, as VP of Engineering/CTO ended with one of most successful company exits in CEE. 
Scaling from 2 to 280 employees, of which 75 are in IT. Always thinking business first!

After successfully exiting SALESmanago joined BFREE, a unique African fin-tech startup, and took the challenge to scale product and IT team in this extraordinary market.

As an investor and consultant involved in ExMetrix – one of the most innovative AI startups in Poland.
Managed multiple Technology Audits finalized with successful VS investments in Europe, Africa, and US.


Wojciech Tupta

Wojciech Tupta is a seasoned project manager and operations strategist with a robust portfolio of leading innovative projects across diverse industries. Based in Kraków, Wojciech currently excels as the Chief Operating Officer at, where he has significantly enhanced data visualization techniques by developing user-centric platform that transform complex data sets into comprehensible visual narratives. His expertise in adapting technological tools to suit audience needs marks him as a pioneer in evolving the interface between data and user engagement.

Wojciech is a Senior Advisor at, guiding startups and established firms alike through meticulous product and architecture reviews, rigorous technology due diligence, and streamlined SDLC processes. His strategic vision ensures that technology not only supports but also drives business objectives forward in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

In addition to his tech-centric roles, Wojciech co-authors unique cultural projects like Wheels & Heels and Bricks & Figs in Kraków. These projects blend historical intrigue with contemporary enjoyment, offering immersive experiences through meticulously curated exhibitions of miniature cars, iconic dolls, and LEGO installations. His ability to merge operational leadership with creative venture management highlights his unique capability to oversee projects that captivate and educate diverse audiences.


Wojciech Kluk

Over the past few years, Wojciech Kluk has been deeply involved in recruitment and headhunting within some of the most challenging sectors: IT and Telecom. His expertise spans both international and local projects, making him a versatile professional in the field.

Currently, Wojciech serves as a Recruiter and Trainer at a specialized recruitment house that focuses on new technologies and industries such as Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet of Things. In his training sessions, he imparts valuable insights gained from his extensive experience, teaching clients how to excel as recruiters and headhunters.

Wojciech has successfully managed recruitment projects for a variety of international clients, including SAP Hybris, Reality Games, Opitz, Identec Solutions, ORBIUM, NetGuardians, PWC, Msales, Benhauer, Openjaw, Ez Systems, Mapp, Teradata, Nordic Semiconductor, TIPICO, Amartus, EA, G&L Technologies, SmartRecruiters, Flyr Labs, and many others. His track record underscores his capability to attract top talent across highly specialized technology sectors.


Adrian Rotkiewicz

Adrian Rotkiewicz is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in the people and culture divisions, specializing in recruitment and organizational development. He brings over 15 years of industry experience, during which he has honed his skills in managing recruitment processes and systems. Adrian excels in setting up, launching, and building R&D and technology sites in Poland for European and American companies, showcasing his deep understanding of IT technologies, systems, methodologies, and business models.

He has developed and refined recruitment best practices both for external clients and in-house operations, and has successfully led executive projects targeting managerial and technical functions. Additionally, Adrian is a university lecturer and psychological consultant, specializing in mental training, happiness, and the efficiency of individuals, particularly in sports. His work helps support people in their personal and professional growth, emphasizing his commitment to enhancing individual potential and well-being.

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